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Electric trench heaters are normally installed directly in front of large glass surfaces. The advantage of electric-only heaters lies in their independence of forced-circulation heating systems. The heat output produced by trench heaters is sufficient to be used either as the primary or secondary heat source. They make a perfect fit in the existing building space, in contemporary low-energy and passive homes, in electric-only houses, in buildings under construction and wherever connection to the heating system is not possible or desirable.

The family of electric trench heaters includes the TPHC-E7 model with natural convection and a fan-operated TPHC-E8 model. The trench heater includes a built in electric heating unit controlled by an electronic regulator. Fan assisted models feature a shrouded crossflow fan, designed to force air through the heating unit. The heaters utilise efficient EC motors supplied with safe 24 V DC voltage. The motors have very low power consumption. The fan speed is continuously regulated by a control voltage in the range from 0 to 10 V DC.


The trench heater is controlled via a room thermostat or 0-10 V DC higher-level regulation. The room thermostat ensures correct functioning, adjusts the difference between the pre-set and actual room temperature, activates the heating unit and regulates the fan speed based on the temperature difference and the set operation mode.

Operation of the heater is regulated by an electronic power controller located in each unit. The output of the heater (both the heating unit and the fan) is smoothly regulated ensuring that any changes in room temperature are continuously monitored and adjusted. This in turn significantly increases the room‘s thermal comfort. The same applies when using an appropriate control device such as the RTD201 digital thermostat.


The power electronics are placed in an IP44 aluminium box connected to the heating unit with the same degree of protection. The fan is powered by safe 24 V DC voltage. The electronics feature a multi-stage function control, including sensors installed above the heat exchanger. The regulating mechanism responds promptly to any changes in conditions if it detects a deviation from normal operation. Especially if the heater is accidentally covered by a rug or if the free air flow through the grille is otherwise impeded, it immediately switches the unit into a stand-by mode or shuts the heater down.

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