about The Perimeter Heating Company

About The Perimeter Heating Company

Statement from Director - Shane Ord

As director of The Perimeter Heating Company and former senior design engineer to the leading perimeter heating specialists in the country, I have formed The Perimeter Heating Company to provide a tailored service, designing systems that work with the client, the architect, the consultant and the building.

Following courses in Illustration and information graphics, then visual communication I acquired the technical drawing skills along with aesthetic design proficiencies for the institution to employ me as their in house designer of publications, resulting in an award for their annual engineering submission.

This gave me the desire to work with the materials I had been drawing, photographing and describing and so turned to a local fabrication specialist. There I acquired fabrication skills, as well as improving procedure, advancing lead times, minimising waste and reducing cost.

Having gleaned all the knowledge I could, additional tuition in computer aided design was undertaken before taking on the role as junior design engineer for Sill-Line Perimeter Heating Ltd. With my technical knowledge in both materials and IT and the product knowledge that was gained, a promotion to Senior Design Engineer came within two years. Designing and project managing major perimeter heating installations both in the UK and abroad.

With this chapter, we would like to continue offering the service you have come accustomed too, grow the team that will help you and progress product innovations.

Our bespoke business model is to ensure, whenever possible, that the engineer designing your product is the same individual that takes you through the selection/quotation, product & layout design, delivery and after sales advice.

Kind Regards
Shane Ord, Director