SILL LINE ® Perimeter Heating

Sill Line ® heating elements design

Sill Line ® perimeter heating, as its name suggests, supplies warmth just where it’s needed, along exterior walls where the greatest heat loss occurs. Its ability to silently provide heat evenly creates a comfortable working environment. Additionally, the sleek continuous casing can be used to conceal pipework, power and data trunking and other services. The Sill Line brand of perimeter heating has been used in office blocks, schools, colleges, universities, libraries and hospitals for over 90 years.

The casing houses high efficiency Finrad® heating elements. As hot water is passed through the pipe, air enters the casing at the bottom, as the air is drawn through the fins, heat is transferred from the water to the air. The warm air rises, drawing cooler air in behind it and discharges into the room from the top of the unit, this is called the stack effect.

The effect of the casing stack height can be seen within the output tables where operating conditions remain unchanged.

As standard the casing and brackets are manufactured from zintec steel, bespoke materials and finishes can be accommodated on request.

The outlet grille which is positioned at the top of the casing in various orientations is made from extruded aluminium and can be supplied in its standard satin silver finish or powder coated to match or contrast the casing.

The Perimeter Heating Company Ltd recognises that perimeter heating is a product which, more than most, must be tailored to meet the parameters of each specific project.

We will work tirelessly to perform as well as our products, combining technical requirements with design aesthetics to produce results that are exquisite to look at and perform as expected.

Within the Sill Line Brochure you will find cross sections for all standard models for your information.

Please contact us to discuss your specific project requirements or forward an enquiry via email below along with as much information as possible for a specification document and/or quotation.